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Security personnel, particularly in Asia, are usually the least paid least educated and least trained personnel in a company after janitors and messengers.

Most security companies will claim to provide thorough training programs for their guards; but tests of security personnel throughout the region indicate that this is rarely, if ever the case. And these are the people carrying weapons and responsible for the protection of critical assets!

Asia-Secure Consulting, Inc. works with its clients to not only minimize the need for and use security guards through the implementation of other more effective security measures, but also to train them to a level where they are actually useful in the roles necessary for them to fulfil.

Whether your company utilizes contract security guards, in-house security personnel, personal security personnel, or IT security personnel; Asia-Secure Consulting, Inc. can help you protect your investments by providing top quality training for these individuals. Remember, training is a perishable skill; it must be replenished.